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On-Demand Video

Rohrbach Library offers tens of thousands of the finest educational and entertainment films in a variety of your favorite formats

Films on Demand, a database of some 14,000 streaming videos from Films for the Humanities & Sciences features high-quality video and multimedia documentaries (e.g. Ken Burns' The Civil War and Baseball in their entirety) in every academic discipline as well as assorted vocational and life-skills topics. Create a personal account to save to Playlists or Favorites. Links to full-length videos or to segments can be emailed or posted in D2L.

Kanopy Streaming is an outstanding collection of 6,000 films from such luminaries as the Media Education Foundation, California Newsreel and more. These videos stream impressively on tablets and phones, too, and can be linked to from D2L.

Ambrose Video, a leading producer of educational documentaries, offers an extensive library of award-winning materials in social studies, literature, fine arts, and the sciences. Rohrbach Library is pleased to offer institutional access to 200 titles from this collection. Examples from the Rohrbach Library's Ambrose collection include classics such as The Ascent of Man, The BBC Shakespeare Plays, The Miracle of the Human Body, and Turning Points in History.

Annenberg Learner free streaming videos are linked from the RL online catalog. The project uses media and telecommunications to advance excellent teaching. Educational video programs with coordinated web and print materials are available directly at for the professional development of K-12 teachers.

Counseling & Therapy In Video (Alexander Street Press) is a streaming collection whose titles, which are not linked from our online catalog, are useful to students of counseling, social work, psychotherapy, and psychology.

The Media Collection on the library's Second Floor has thousands of DVDs and audio recordings.

VHS tapes are shelved in the always-open Room 3 of the Ground Floor.

Page updated 6 October 2014