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What's on our site

We have most of what you'll need to do an outstanding job on any research project. This site is huge. Here are some key sections and navigation tips.


Books now take many forms.

Because you're off campus, you'll need to log in when using our articles, ebooks, and media.

Articles, pictures, music, and video

Here too, the biggest parts of our collection are online. The library's Articles & Databases portal is the gateway to these sources.

  • Know the journal title? Use this tool to see if it's online.
  • Is it a reading your professor set aside for your class?  See Course Reserves, below.

Course reserves

Instructors set aside reserve readings in two ways:

Course guides & topic guides: LibGuides

A major branch of our site has pages created by librarians and instructors to help with research in focused areas, such as for a specific KU course. These course & research guides can be searched and browsed many ways. Our home page includes a tab in the searchbox just for LibGuides.

What we don't have

Library items not owned by Rohrbach are yours for the asking. Use the ILLiad service to get books and articles from other libraries, quickly. Current textbooks are generally not available this way nor in Rohrbach Library itself.

Finding your way around


Most pages have a dropdown menu at the top below the picture of Rohrbach Library along with a side menu at left.  Note that the banner itself will bring you to either the library's home page or to the KU home page, depending on where you click.

Search box

The site search box in the upper-right corner of each page does a Google search on the pages of the library's site, as well as LibGuides and LibAnswers, which also have their own internal search utilities.

Site map

Our site map may help you find what you seek. If not, use the link below and to the left: Contact the RL web team. Tell us what you need and we‘ll get you there.

Page updated 27 May 2014