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With the system version upgrade from 9.2.1 to version 9.4, are many enhancements and features to frequently used tools of the system. Please see below for a brief description of the enhancements available.

Description of Version Enhancements


The Leave Feedback interface is completely redesigned for 9.4 to show both submissions and space to grade the submissions in one page. Instructors can also now view specific document types in your browser without downloading them. Documents are available as text only or as a document image (meaning instructors can't select text). 

The following file formats are compatible with Dropbox's document viewer:

Instructors can also annotate users' web and plain text file submissions with the HTML Editor and attach those annotations as part of feedback.


The new Calendar is completely redesigned to focus on presentation of course material. 


Students can now have more information delivered to them through RSS, email or text messaging.

Notification preferences are accessible from the My Settings widget. Learn More.

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