Faculty Support and Services

Consultation, training and personalized support services are available throughout the year to support faculty teaching online for their first time, as well as provide support for faculty transitioning from teaching face-to-face to teaching online.

Staff from the Office of Distance Education can work cooperatively with each faculty member to assist in enhancing the overall quality of student-centered learning.

Faculty members can participate in numerous workshops and one‐on‐one training sessions on the use of a variety of instructional technology tools as well as strategies for effectively teaching and engaging students in an online environment.

The support and maintenance of any online course is an ongoing effort. Through consultation and professional development opportunities, we can offer updated methods and strategies and assist with the incorporation of new technology or development of course resources and materials.

Access to Desire2Learn and Desire2Learn support is also available to faculty 24/7. Help requests can be initiated via phone, online chat, or through a self‐help knowledge‐base system.

Building an Online Course

Desire2Learn & Technical Support