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"Extreme Planets" Planetarium Show

      Extrasolar Planets (or "exoplanets") are planets orbiting stars other than our Sun. Astronomers using advanced observatories, such as NASA's Kepler Mission, to study light from distant stars in search of exoplanets have discovered hundreds of alien worlds. The Extreme Planets planetarium show investigates the likely conditions on several exoplanets that have already been discovered.

      Can you imagine visiting a planet made entirely of carbon? How about one where half the planet is always in daylight while the other half is always dark? What do you think it might be like if our Sun were a neutron star?

      Narrated by Rene Auberjonois, "Extreme Planets" explains the discovery and analysis of exoplanets and helps guide your imagination toward an undertanding of what these worlds might actually look like.

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