Registrar's Office
Transcript and Diploma Fees
Kutztown University Eliminates Individual Transcript and Diploma Fees
Institutes a Single Academic Records Fee
Good for a Lifetime of Transcripts
Effective for all students enrolled fall 2010 and after, the $3.00 fee per transcript and $14.00 fee to cover the cost of producing and mailing Diplomas have been eliminated. Instead, a one-time Academic Records fee will be charged to all first-time students taking one or more classes this semester. Transcripts of all future undergraduate, and any subsequent Graduate courses, will be sent free of charge for the life of the student. With no payments to process, transcripts will go out more quickly. While there is a limit of 5 transcripts to be sent in any one day, there is no limit on the number of days transcript requests will be processed.

Similarly, students will not be charged for the processing and mailing of their diplomas from this point forward. The only exceptions will be the mailing fee to send diplomas out of the continental U.S. or students who attended KU prior to spring 2010, but return solely to graduate.

The charging and collecting of individual transcript and diploma fees will cease on September 8th 2010.

The new Academic Records fee will be charged to all new fall 2010 Freshman, Transfer and Graduate students, including Professional Studies and Life Long Learning students, faculty, staff, and their dependents taking courses. Students who have been separated from the University more than 4 years will also be charged the $50 fee upon readmission.

Reading Hospital School of Nursing, PASSHE Visiting Students, ROTC and cross registered students from the 5 specified colleges will not be charged the records fee, but will receive the lifetime benefit of free KU transcripts.

Students who started prior to 2010 and have been continuously enrolled, as well as readmitted students who have been out less than 4 years will not be charged the $50 records fee but will receive the benefit of the new policy which eliminates individual fees for transcripts and Diplomas. The ordering process is also simplified by the elimination of these fees.