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University Curriculum Committee

The University Curriculum Committee, UCC, functions as the chief body of the University in all curricular matters. The UCC represents the interests of the students, faculty, and administration regarding the University curriculum. The UCC reviews course and program changes and new proposals and forwards recommendations to the University President for approval and implementation. The UCC addresses long-term planning issues and develops and coordinates the curriculum based upon the goals and mission of the University.

The UCC generally meets on the fourth Thursday of the month during the school year. Proposals are due to the UCC two weeks prior to the meeting date. All proposals need to be approved by UCC by March 1 for the summer sessions and the fall semester, and by October 1 for the winter session and the spring semester.  The UCC has the right to grant exceptions in unique circumstances.

Next Meeting

Thursday, September 26, 2019
11 a.m., RL 29