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All items on this agenda were considered at the October 25 meeting. There will be no continuation meeting on November 1. The Agenda for the November 29 meeting will be posted the week of November 19, 2018.

  University Curriculum Committee


Meeting of October 25, 2018
11:00 a.m. in Rohrbach Library 29


General Announcements:

The continuation meeting will be held on Thursday, November 1, at 11:00 a.m. in Rohrbach Library 29.


Approval of the Minutes of the meetings of September 27 and October 4, 2018.

Old Business

LAS 19018        Course Revision:  SWK 573, Publishing and Professional Presentations in Social Work Spring 2019       
LAS 19031 New Course:  CHM 332, Biochemistry of Human Disease and Disorders Spring 2019
LAS 19013 Course Revision:  MUP 276, Popular Music Ensemble Spring 2019

New Business

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences:

LAS 19015      New Program: M.P.A. with Criminal Justice Concentration                  Fall 2019
LAS 19038 Course Revision: CRJ 320, Evidence Spring 2019

College of Business:

COB 19021 Course Revision:  FIN 350, Financial Management Spring 2019

Distance Education:

COE 19006 COU 538, The Addicted Family Winter 2019