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All proposals on this agenda were considered by the UCC at the meetings of November 30 and December 6. The agenda for the meeting of January 25 will be posted the week of January 15, 2018.

  University Curriculum Committee

Meeting of November 30, 2017
Room Change: DF 100


General Announcements:

A continuation meeting, if needed, is scheduled for Thursday, December 6, at 11:00 a.m. in MSU 223, the Formal Dining Room.


Approval of minutes of the meetings of October 26 and November 2.

Old Business

COE 17160 Program Revision: SPU Program Changes Spring 2018
COE 17161 Program Revision: SPU VI Program Changes Spring 2018
LAS 18023 New Program: Data Analytics Certificate Fall 2018
LAS 18026 Omnibus Course Revision: Omnibus Political Science Course Name Changes Fall 2018
LAS 18031 New Program: Geo-spatial Information Technology Certificate Fall 2018

New Business

General Education:

GEC 18001    New Course: FYS 100, First Year Seminar Fall 2018
GEC 18002 Program Revision: General Education Program                                                      Fall 2018

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences:

LAS 18006 Program Moratorium: PA German Minor Fall 2018
LAS 18007 Program Moratorium: Interdisciplinary German Major Fall 2018
LAS 18024
Program Revision: Philosophy Program Spring 2018
LAS 18027 Course Revision: SOC 160, Sociological Analysis/Sociological Imagination Fall 2018
LAS 18028 Course Revision: SOC 165, Social Inequity Summer I, 2018
LAS 18034 New Course: ENG 1xx, Ireland's Literary Landscape Summer 1, 2018
LAS 18035 New Course: ENG 1xx, Friendship in Western Cultural Texts Fall 2018
LAS 18036 New Course: CMP 100, Effective Composition Fall 2018
LAS 18037 New Course: PRS xxx, Public Relations Research Fall 2018
LAS 18038 New Course: PRS xxx, Public Relations Internship Fall 2018
LAS 18039 New Course: PRS xxx, The Agency Experience, Part One Fall 2018
LAS 18040 New Course: PRS xxx, The Agency Experience, Part Two Fall 2018
LAS 18041 New Program: Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations Fall 2018
LAS 18042 New Course: SWK 7xx, Independent Study in Doctoral Social Work Summer I, 2018
LAS 18043 New Course: BIO 021, Kitchen and Backyard Biology Fall 2018

College of Visual and Performing Arts:

VPA 18052 New Course: MUS 199, Songwriting Fall 2018
VPA 18054 New Course: MUU 580, Independent Study: Music Education Fall 2018
VPA 18060 New Course: MUU 545, Musician Health and Performing Arts Medicine for Musicians Summer I, 2018
VPA 18062 New Course: MUU 560, Advanced Woodwind Pedagogy Summer I, 2018

College of Business:

COB 17010 New Course: SPT 333, Principles of Strength and Conditioning Fall 2018
COB 17012 Course Revision: SPT 236, Personal Selling in Sport Fall 2018


College of Education:

COE 18007 Program Revision: B. S. in Special Education, Education Studies Track Fall 2018
COE 18008 New Course: SEU 430, Mathematics Instructional Methods Fall 2018
COE 18009 Program Revision: Secondary Education Program Update Fall 2018
COE 18010 Program Revision: Secondary Education Graduate Program Update Fall 2018
COE 18011 Program Revision: B.S. in Special Education, Visual Impairment Education Studies Track Fall 2018
COE 18012 New Course: COU 510, Diagnosis and Treatment in Counseling Fall 2018
COE 18013 New Course: COU xxx, Human Growth and Development Fall 2018
COE 18014 New Course: COU 521, Neuroscience for Counselors Summer 1, 2018
COE 18019 New Program: Online Instruction Endorsement Spring 2018
COE 18020 New Program: Instructional Coaching Endorsement Spring 2018
COE 18021 New Program: Stem Education Endorsement Spring 2018

Distance Education:

COB 17013 ECO 360CD, International Trade and Finance Summer I, 2018
LAS 18043 BIO 021, Kitchen and Backyard Biology Fall 2018
LAS 18051 AST 42, Stars, Galaxies & Black Holes Summer I, 2018
VPA 18071 CDE 516, Graduate Communication Design Studio Spring 2018


LAS 18044 Selected Topics in History: HIS 072, From Salem to Hogwarts: The Supernatural in American History and Culture  Fall 2018
VPA 18070        Selected Topics in Communication Studies: COM 300, Social Media & Surveillance                                                Spring 2018