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Cover Sheets

You can obtain a cover sheet from your college curriculum representatives to the UCC or from your department secretary, or you can download one from this Web site. There are two formats available: a Microsoft Word document or a PDF document. Each format has its advantages and disadvantages as explained below.

NOTE: Be sure to read the rest of this Web page before downloading and completing the form.

  • You must have Microsoft Word installed on your computer.
  • You can type directly on the form (but only in the indicated spaces).
  • You can save your changes and then print it out (on the appropriate color paper).
  • If you do not have the same fonts on your computer as were used to prepare the form, the results may not be pretty!
  • You must have the free Adobe Reader software installed on your computer (if you don't have it, click HERE).
  • You cannot type directly on the form. Instead, you must print it out and then use a typewriter (remember those?) or handwriting to complete it.
  • You do not have to have the same fonts on your computer as were used to prepare the form.


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Every curriculum proposal (new courses, changes to existing courses, check sheet revisions, etc.) must be accompanied by a "cover sheet" detailing the exact nature of the proposal. Please use the following established colors for all cover sheets, including all duplicate copies.

Interdisciplinary Committee Tan
College of Business Green
College of Education Blue
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Yellow
College of Visual & Performing Arts White
Graduate Studies Pink

Please use cover sheets revised: UCC 08/13.


For reference purposes, each proposal traditionally has been given a seven character code such as LAS 0813. This coding is done according to a three part scheme: three letters, followed by two digits, followed by two more digits.

The first three letters of the code refer to the unit submitting the proposal:

Interdisciplinary Committee IDC
College of Business COB
College of Education COE
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences LAS
College of Visual & Performing Arts VPA
Graduate Studies GRD

The next two digits refer to the current academic year, specifically the last two digits of the current academic year's spring semester. The last two digits (use a leading zero) refer to the sequence of consideration within the college. That is, the first course considered by a college in the academic year is numbered "01", the next is numbered "02", etc. Since this coding scheme is indigenous to each college, each college curriculum committee should code proposals before sending them on to UCC. Each proposal will retain the proposal number given by the originating unit as it proceeds through the routing process.