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University Promotion Committee


This website is intended to assist faculty interested in applying for promotion. Included throughout these pages is a compilation of ideas and suggestions gleaned from committee members and successful applicants over a number of years. Please keep in mind that your department chair, department promotion committee, dean, and the university promotion committee can only make recommendations on your application. Ultimately, the decision is left to the president's designee at Kutztown University.


      * Make an affirmative case for your promotion

Don't assume that your work speaks for itself. Take time to explain your approach to teaching, scholarly growth, and service. Demonstrate the qualities that you bring to each area. For example, if you are performing active service, make sure that the committee understands its nature and value.

Moreover, don't assume the committee is familiar with your particular discipline. Providing proper context for your work is important. Explain, for example, what "peer review" means in your field.

      * Be clear

Applying for a promotion is similar in some respects to applying for a job. Consider the fact that the committee will be reviewing dozens of applications under strict time constraints. Make its job easier by clearly marking their path through your promotion materials. 

This process can start with your vitae. Provide accurate and complete information on presentations and publications. This process can continue throughout your binders. Include a table of contents that maps out the entire application as well as each individual binder.

      * Prioritize

Sometimes a truly important work can be lost in a jumble of details. If you have international or national scholarship of note, or a teaching award, or particularly distinguished service, make sure that it is prominently featured in your application letter, vitae, and binders. Always make sure to include information that pertains to the time period since your hiring or last promotion, whichever applies.