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Dr. Jolynn L. Haney

Dr. Jolynn Haney


Dr. Jolynn Haney has been a member of the Council of Trustees since 2016 and is currently serving as Secretary.

A two-time alumna of Kutztown University, Dr. Haney earned both a bachelor of science degree in psychology in 1984 and a master of arts degree in counseling psychology in 1993. She completed her doctorate in social work at Widener University, receiving the Thomas Young Outstanding Dissertation Award in 2014.

For more than 30 years, Dr. Haney has worked in the behavioral healthcare field, providing clinical and managerial services to programs that care for persons with substance abuse problems, serious mental illness, and intellectual disability. In 2002 she formed Deerfield Data Management, LLC, a firm specializing in collecting, extracting and interpreting behavioral healthcare information for non-profit organizations and county government. She is an accomplished data analyst and database administrator; in addition to managing multiple behavioral health Medicaid data warehouses across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, she has developed algorithms to inform Medicaid program decision-making. Dr. Haney also teaches research and statistics part-time at Widener and Delaware State universities and has an academic editing business, Deerfield Academic Editing.

In addition to her fiscal and technological expertise, Dr. Haney has had multiple publications scholarly journals. She has also presented her research at national conferences and provides annual training sessions on autism to master and doctoral students interning in the Kutztown University Counseling and Psychological Service department. For more than twenty years, she has been interested in the effects that diagnostic labels have on identity, particularly how individuals with emotional differences are perceived and represented in the behavioral healthcare profession. Her research agenda is best described as critical disability studies, with a focus on autism and intellectual disability, and she is dedicated to contributing to the body of knowledge about the experiences of women on the autism spectrum. She has critically evaluated disability policy affecting individuals on the autism spectrum and conducted research to examine cross-cultural homonegativity.

Dr. Haney is firmly committed to executing Kutztown University's strategic goals to advance students' academic achievement, community engagement, and respect for difference and diversity. To this end, she believes in holding students to high academic standards, accommodating students who are socially, emotionally, or neurally diverse, and creating a strengths-based environment to sustain intellectual excellence in the academy.