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Academic & Student Affairs

ACA-001Class Coverage
ACA-002Class Times and Locations
ACA-003Class Lists
ACA-005Field Trips
ACA-006Weather Cancellations of Classes
ACA-007Course Numbering
ACA-008Repeating Courses - Undergraduate Students
ACA-009Auditing Graduate Courses
ACA-010Auditing Undergraduate Courses
ACA-011Course Withdrawals
ACA-012University Withdrawals
ACA-013Pass/Fail Grading - Undergraduate Students
ACA-015Making Up Canceled Evening Classes
ACA-016Class Attendance
ACA-017400-Level Courses
ACA-018Advanced Placement
ACA-019Maximum Number of Transfer Credits in the Major/Minor
ACA-020Dean's List
ACA-021Double Majors and Major/Minors
ACA-022Ten Year Rule
ACA-023Transfer credits from other Institutions
ACA-025Final Examinations (UNDER REVIEW)
ACA-026Leave of Absence for Undergraduate Students
ACA-027Academic Honesty
ACA-029Change of Major, Minor, or Academic Advisor
ACA-030BS In Education Without Certification
ACA-031Admission Guidelines for Undergraduate International Students
ACA-032Sabbatical Leave for Faculty
ACA-033Visiting Student Program - Undergraduate Students
ACA-034Individualized Instruction
ACA-035College Level Examination Program
ACA-036Course Guides
ACA-037Graduate Admissions
ACA-038Graduate Course Repeats, Grades and CGPA
ACA-039Faculty-led Study Abroad Programs
ACA-040Human Subjects Research
ACA-041Tenure for Faculty
ACA-042Academic Warning, Probation, and Dismissal of Undergraduate Students
ACA-043Classification of Students
ACA-044College Level Boards
ACA-045Criminal Record Check of Students in Teaching and School Counseling
ACA-046Curriculum Routing Procedures
ACA-047Grade Appeal
ACA-048Course Grading - Undergraduate Students
ACA-049Graduate Faculty
ACA-050Graduation with Honors
ACA-051Independent Study
ACA-052Permission to Study at another College or University
ACA-055Undergraduate Academic Forgiveness
ACA-057GPA Calculations and Transfer Grades
ACA-059Promotion for Faculty
ACA-060Personal Response Devices
ACA-061Granting Posthumous Degrees/ Diplomas/ Certificates
ACA-065Career Development Center Guidelines and Statement of Eligibility
ACA-066Sponsored Project Payroll Certification
ACA-067Policy for Responding to Allegations of Research Misconduct
ACA-068Financial Conflict of Interest Policy
ACA-069Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources
ACA-070Declaring a Major
ACA-071Dual Degrees/Simultaneous Degrees - Undergraduate Students
ACA-072Simultaneous Degrees - Graduate Students
ACA-073Second Degree - Undergraduate Students
ACA-074Second Degree - Graduate Students
ACA-075Graduate Transfer Credit
ACA-076Graduation Requirements – Graduate Students
ACA-077Graduation Requirements – Undergraduate Students
ACA-078Residency Requirements – Graduate Students
ACA-079Residency Requirements – Undergraduate Students
ACA-080Final Examination Conflict Policy – Undergraduate Students
ACA-081Tuition Waiver for Retired Persons
ACA-082Veteran and Active Duty Military - Course Scheduling
ACA-083Visiting Student Program – Graduate Students
ACA-084University Diplomas
ACA-085Academic Warning, Probation, and Dismissal of Graduate Students
ACA-086Commencement Ceremony Regalia
ACA-087Academic Honesty – Graduate Students
ACA-088Pass/Fail Grading – Graduate Students
ACA-089Time Limitations – Graduate Degree Completion
ACA-090Attendance Compliance for Reporting to Federal Government
ACA-091Course Grading – Graduate Students
STU-001Alcohol Policy
STU-007Crisis Management for Health Related Issues
STU-008Eligibility for University Counseling Services
STU-009Evaluation and Management of Students with Psychological Emergencies
STU-012Health & Wellness Center Services to Employees
STU-018Posting and Chalking Policy
STU-031On Campus Sales, Fund Raising and Solicitation Policy (UNDER REVIEW)
STU-032Good Samaritan Policy for Alcohol & Other Drug Incidents
STU-033Confidentiality of Student Records
STU-035Admissions Review Process for Applicants with Prior Felony Convictions and/or Disciplinary Separations
STU-036Student Preferred Name

Administration & Finance

A&F-001Budget Transfer Policy
A&F-002Collection of Funds
A&F-003Compressed Gas Cylinders
A&F-004Emergency Evacuation And Fire Drills Non-Residence Buildings
A&F-005Hazardous Waste Management and Disposal
A&F-006Infectious Waste Management and Disposal
A&F-007Key & Lock Policy
A&F-008Kutztown University ID Card
A&F-010Membership Policy
A&F-011Off Campus Involvement by University Personnel
A&F-012Procurement of Goods, Services, Supplies, & Construction
A&F-013Right to Know Policy
A&F-014Refunds of Tuition and Fees
A&F-015Sealing Student Records
A&F-017Meal Plan Exemptions
A&F-018Travel Expense Regulations
A&F-020Tuition Waiver for Non-Instructional Personnel Taking Professional Development Work at Kutztown University
A&F-021University Asset Responsibility
A&F-023Use of University Vehicles
A&F-024Fireworks, Open Fires and Charcoal Grills
A&F-025Criminal Background Investigations
A&F-026Records Retention Policy
A&F-027Facility Naming Policy
A&F-028Stairway and Corridor Fire Safety Policy
A&F-029Employee Recognition
A&F-030Possession of Deadly or Offensive Weapons on Kutztown University Campus
STU-010Fall Sports Camps
STU-011Gates and Barriers
STU-013Housing Fees - Charges and Refunds
STU-014Housing Application Process
STU-016Motor Vehicle Regulations
STU-019Personal Protective Services
STU-020Possession, Carrying, Storage and Use of Personal Firearms
STU-021PRIDE Program
STU-023Residence Hall Student Damage Billing
STU-024Skate Boards, Scooters, Hoverboards, Roller Skates, and Roller Blades
STU-025Special Parking Permits
STU-027Use of Multi-Purpose Facilities
STU-028Visiting Bus Plans (Discharging/Parking/Pick-Up)
STU-030Winter/Spring Break Housing For Athletes
STU-034Missing Student Notification Policy


ADV-001Camps & Conferences

Council of Trustees

COT-001Firearms for Public Safety & Police Services Officers
COT-002Non-Sponsored Demonstrations, Presentations, and Non-Commercial Literature Distribution
COT-003Selection Process of Student Trustee
COT-004Retirement Recognition
COT-005Miscellaneous Fee Authority Delegation
COT-006Presidential Authority to Waive Locally Established Fees
COT-007Identity Theft Prevention Policy

Enrollment Management

ACA-063Financial Aid Services
ACA-064Admissions Guidelines

Equity & Compliance

DIV-001Accessible Meetings, Events, Programs
DIV-002Reasonable Accommodations for Employees
DIV-003Service Animal Policy/Procedure
DIV-004Services for Students with Disabilities
DIV-007Sexual Harassment Policy
DIV-008Anti-Discrimination Policy and Procedures
DIV-009Anti-Harassment Policy and Procedures
DIV-010Title IX Exemptions Policy

General Policies

GEN-001Campus Smoking Policy
GEN-003Weather-Related Schedules
GEN-004Protection-Supervision of Minors Policy
GEN-005Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse