Goal 1 - Academic Excellence

Kutztown University will promote, enhance, and recognize excellence in teaching, learning, creativity, scholarship, and research.

Objective 1: Develop and deliver distinctive and high-quality academic programs

Action 1: Expand and grow the honors program by offering (a) scholarships that facilitate the recruitment and retention of honors students (b) service-learning experiences, and (c) study abroad opportunities

Action 2:  Strengthen the university's culture of learning

Action 3:  Infuse high-impact practices throughout the student learning experience

Action 4:  Strengthen the General Education program to serve as a foundation for students in all disciplines

Action 5:  Utilize the academic program review process to ensure high-quality, viable, and innovative academic programs and services

Action 6:  Develop and implement a vibrant First Year Experience that connects undergraduate students to the university's academic experience

Action 7:  Increase domestic and international visiting scholars, executives, and artists-in-residence programs

Action 8:  Increase the internationalization of the campus by (a) recruiting and retaining international students and (b) providing study abroad opportunities for students

  • Benchmark: Increased retention, continuation, and graduation rates for all student groups
  • Benchmark: Increased number of domestic and international visiting scholars, executives, and artists-in-residence programs
  • Benchmark: Increased participation in the major high impact practices
  • Benchmark: Demonstrated achievement (via assessment) of the General Education learning goals
  • Benchmark: Increased participation in Academic Enrichment activities
  • Benchmark: Increased activities of and participation in discipline-based student clubs
  • Benchmark: Implementation of a First Year Experience that connects first year students to the University and its academic goals
  • Benchmark: Re-accreditation from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education

Objective 2:   Attract, retain, and support qualified, high performing faculty and staff

Action 1:  Increase initiatives in grant writing

Action 2: Increase incentives to faculty for scholarly activities (e.g., recognition, research, and travel funds)

Action 3:  Increase faculty/staff professional development programs

Action 4:  Ensure that faculty and staff have and are using current technological tools

  • Benchmark: Increased number of grant proposals submitted and awarded
  • Benchmark: Increased number of publications and professional presentations
  • Benchmark: Increased use of effective educational technology

Objective 3:  Attract, retain, and support motivated, high performing students

Action 1: Establish scholarships for high-achieving students

Action 2: Raise admission standards

Action 3: Increase the opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to engage in professional-level scholarship

Action 4: Create incentives for transfer students

Action 5:  Establish recruiting initiatives to enhance the number and quality of the student body

Action 6:  Develop department and college recruitment and retention initiatives

Action 7:  Develop and implement a multi-media marketing campaign that promotes the recruitment of motivated, qualified new, transfer, and graduate students

  • Benchmark: Increased percentage of students recruited from the top 10% of high school graduating classes
  • Benchmark: Raised minimum standards for admission (SAT 820+, GPA 2.0+)
  • Benchmark: Increased the 4- and 6-year graduation rates
  • Benchmark: Increased numbers of undergraduate and graduate students engaging in professional-level scholarship
  • Benchmark: Increased number of highly qualified transfer students
  • Benchmark: Increased number of highly qualified new undergraduate and graduate students