Goal 2 - Community Engagement

Kutztown University will partner with the community to serve the needs of the people of the Commonwealth and the region.

Objective 1: Provide increased access to educational opportunities for the region's citizens

Action 1: Increase online educational experiences and non-traditional delivery methods (e.g., weekend academy, evening courses, non-traditional schedules)

Action 2: Strengthen and grow graduate education

Action 3: Provide lifelong learning opportunities for (a) adult learners, (b) non-degree seeking students oriented to regional culture, agriculture, business, and government, (c) seekers of certificates and specialized programs that address the needs of professionals in the workforce, and (d) non-degree seeking students that meet their personal needs

Action 4: Promote dual admissions, dual enrollment, and other initiatives with community colleges as well as develop partnerships with other four-year institutions

Action 5:  Establish new integrated bachelors to masters programs

Action 6:  Increase educational opportunities for alumni

  • Benchmark: Increased number of new online academic programs
  • Benchmark: Increased number of new integrated bachelors to masters programs
  • Benchmark: Increased enrollments as a result of partnerships with the community colleges in our region
  • Benchmark: New certificate programs
  • Benchmark: New non-degree courses and programs

Objective 2: Increase the education-related experiences available to the public

Action 1:  Increase education-related entertainment and service events

Action 2:  Increase attendance at University cultural, entertainment, arts, and athletic programming by regional community residents

Action 3: Increase activities of alumni in University events (e.g., dynamic alumni events calendar, alumni members of the KU ambassadors initiative)

  • Benchmark: Increased attendance at University education-related events (e.g., cultural, arts, athletics, lectures, demonstrations)
  • Benchmark: Increased alumni participation in University events

Objective 3: Increase the participation of members of the University community in the wider community

Action 1: Increase service-learning experiences and community service opportunities

Action 2: Develop programs that encourage students to demonstrate good citizenship and social responsibility

Action 3: Increase the number of hours of community engagement of students, faculty, and staff

Action 4: Increase the number of community academic partnerships

  • Benchmark: Obtain Carnegie School of Engagement Classification
  • Benchmark: Increased number of participants in service-learning experiences and community service