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Academic Technology Committee

Academic Technology Committee: Acts as a clearinghouse for all other technology related committees on campus for the purpose of keeping all parties informed of activities and needs. Meetings: as needed. Terms: 2 years. Appointees: 5 of the 20 members.

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Name Term
Joo Tan, (Computer Science Department Representative) 8/2017
Margaret Bestwick (College of Education Representative)** 8/2018
Keith Massie (College of Visual & Performing Arts Representative)** 8/2018
Muratcan Erkul (College of Business Representative)** 8/2018
Carsten Sanders (Natural Science Representative)** 8/2018
R Mitchell Freed (Information Technology, Assistant Vice Provost; ex-officio) *
Gregory Setliff (College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Representative)** 8/2019
Carolina Moctezuma (College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Dean's Representative) 8/2015
Michelle G Sims, Chairperson (Instructional Technology Web Design Representative) 8/2017
Miles M Decoster (Communication Design Department Representative) 8/2016
Matt McKeague (Electronic Media Department Representative) 8/2016
Muhammed H Dalgin (COB Technology Committee Representative) 8/2015
Michael A Weber (Library Division Representative) 8/2014
Christopher S. Weiler (COE Technology Committee Representative) 8/2014
Anne Zayaitz (Provost) *
Andrew R Mull (Information Technology Department Representative) 8/2014
Douglas Scott (Instructional Designer; ex-officio) *
Carolyn Gardner (Business Administration Department Representative) 8/2014
TBA (Student Government Board Representative ) 8/2017
TBA (Student Government Board Representative ) 8/2017
TBA (VPA Deans Representative) 8/2016
Michelle Savescu (Mathematics Department Representative) 8/2018

* Indefinite Term of Office
** Appointed by Committee on Committees


For more information please contact:

University Senate


Phone: 610.683.4675