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Calendar Committee

Calendar Committee: Makes recommendations to the Administrative Council with regard to an academic calendar for the University. Meetings: as needed. Terms: 3 year. Appointees: 7 of the 15 members.

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Name Term
Ted Witryk, Chairperson (Registrar) *
TBD (Events Advisory Council Representative ) *
Susan Mangold (Professional Staff and Managers)** 8/2019
Gregory J. Bamberger (Director of Athletics) *
Susan Czerny (Professional Staff Representative from Library)** 8/2019
Mary Ann O'Neil (College of Education Representative)** 8/2019
Cathy Kreitz (Director of Student Teaching) *
Julia Hovanec (College of Visual & Performing Arts Representative)** 8/2019
Todd Dodson (College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Representative)** 8/2019
Michelle Gober (Professional Staff Representative of Athletics)** 8/2019
Keshav Gupta (College of Business Representative)** 8/2019
Tracy Lynn Reidenhour (AFSCME Representative) *
TBD (Graduate School Representative) *
Cheryl Najda-Kull (Committee Secretary appointed by Registrar) *
TBA (Undergraduate Student Representative) 8/2019
TBA (Graduate Student Representative) 8/2019

* Indefinite Term of Office
** Appointed by Committee on Committees


For more information please contact:

University Senate


Phone: 610.683.4675