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Commission on Human Diversity

Commission on Human Diversity: Pursues the goal of having a university community where all members honor each other's differences. It sets priorities, monitors changes and educates the community in order to create an environment in which all members will receive proper recognition, encouragement and support. Meetings: monthly. Terms: 2 years. Appointees: 11 of the 18 members

Agenda     Meeting Dates     Minutes     Mission & Bylaws    


Name Term
Tiffany Cresswell-Yeager (College of Visual & Performing Arts Representative)** 8/2018
Kenneth Teitelbaum (Academic Dean/Director)** 8/2019
Susana Gaisey (SCUPA Representative)** 8/2019
Juliana Svistova (College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Representative)** 8/2018
Ju Zhou(At-Large Faculty Member Representative)** 8/2018
Mark Wolfmeyer (At-Large Faculty Member Representative)** 8/2019
Andrea Kirshman (At-Large Professional Staff Representative)** 8/2018
Tabetha Bernstein-Danis (College of Education Representative)** 8/2018
Muratcan Erkul (College of Business Representative)** 8/2018
Connie Lawrence, Secretary (AFSCME Representative) 8/2018
Jason Garcia (At-Large Professional Staff Representative)** 8/2019
Jerry W Schearer, Vice-Chair (GLBTQ Resource Center Liaison) 8/2018
Bruce Gottschall (Lamba Liaison) 8/2018
TBA (Commission of Status of Women Liaison) *
TBA (Commission on the Status of Minorities Liaison) *
TBA (Disability Services Office Liaison) *
TBA (Women's Center Liaison) *
TBA (Mulitcultural Center Liaison) *
TBA (Office of International Admissions Liaison) *
TBA (Student Affairs/Dean of Student's Office Liaison) *
TBA (SGB Diversity Council Student Representative) 8/2018
TBA (SGB Diversity Council Student Representative-Religious Based Group) 8/2018
TBA (SGB Diversity Council Student Representative) 8/2018
TBA (SGB Diversity Council Student Representative) 8/2018
TBA (SGB Diversity Council Student Representative) 8/2018
TBA (Non-Traditional Student Representative) 8/2018
TBA (Graduate Student Representative ) 8/2018

 * Indefinite Term of Office
** Appointed by Committee on Committees


For more information please contact:

University Senate


Phone: 610.683.4675

Students are invited to participate in the Kutztown University Governance and Advisory Committees. This is a great way to get to know others at the university,  become a part of the decision-making process and have your voice heard.  No prior experience necessary, just a genuine interest in being an active part of the community!

Student Government Board will reviews online applications on a rolling basis and makes student placements in early September.  Questions?  Please contact Leah in Student Involvement at   

Union Committee Representative: To be considered for a committee union position please contact a union representative.