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Events Advisory Council

Events Advisory Council: Determines guidelines for the scheduling of all activities except for those scheduled by the Dean of Academic Services and the Director of Athletics. Each spring the committee reviews applications for and oversees the preparation of the Schedule of Events for the following year. Meetings: as needed. Terms: 2 years. Appointees: 2 of the 12 members.

Agenda     Meeting Dates     Minutes     Mission & Bylaws 


Name Term
TBD, Chairperson (Director of Conference Services) *
Leah M Cassellia (Student Involvement Services) *
Elizabeth Rogol (Faculty Representative from Sport Management)** 8/2019
Michelle Gober (Athletic Representative) 8/2019
Greg Kokolus (Schaeffer Auditorium Representative) *
Unfilled (Registrar's Office Representative) *
Stacey Green (Office of Residence Life) 8/2019
Daniel Neuenschwander (College of Visual & Performing Arts Representative)** 8/2020
Amy K. Sandt (Director of Recreational Services; ex-officio) *
Bryan Zellmer (Director of KU Presents; ex-officio) *
TBA (ACE Representative) 8/2019
Anneliese Braden (Student Representative from Student Government Board) 8/2019

* Indefinite Term of Office
** Appointed by Committee on Committees


For more information please contact:

University Senate


Phone: 610.683.4675