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Student-Faculty Review Board

Student-Faculty Review Board: Provides due process for the student population by hearing appeals and deciding whether or not violations by students have arisen under legally established university regulations. Meetings: as needed. Terms: 3 years. Appointees: 5 of the 9 members.

Agenda     Meeting Dates     Minutes     Mission & Bylaws


Name Term
Arthur Garrison, Chair*** 8/2021
Joleen Greenwood (At-Large Faculty Representative)** 8/2021
Brandon Nolt **** 8/2019
Perry Lee (At-Large Faculty Representative)** 8/2020
Stephen Stoeffler (At-Large Faculty Representative)** 8/2020
Jennifer Jacobson (At-Large Faculty Representative)** 8/2019
Mary Weller (At-Large Faculty Representative)** 8/2019
Braden Hudak (Student Representative) 8/2020
Gabriella Sweet (Student Representative) 8/2020
TBA (Student Representative) 8/2019
TBA (Student Representative) 8/2019

* Indefinite Term of Office

** Appointed by Committee on Committees

***Appointed by Student Faculty Review Board

****Appointed by Dean of Students


For more information please contact:

University Senate


Phone: 610.683.4675

Students are invited to participate in the Kutztown University Governance and Advisory Committees. This is a great way to get to know others at the university, become a part of the decision-making process and have your voice heard. No prior experience necessary, just a genuine interest in being an active part of the community!

Student Government Board will reviews online applications on a rolling basis and makes student placements in early September. Questions? Please contact Leah in Student Involvement at