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(2018 - 2019)



Term Expires

Academic Enrichment Loriann Irving August 2021
AFSCME Annette Christman August 2021
Anthropology/Sociology Mauricia John August 2019
APSCUF ** Henry A. Alviani August 2019
Art and Art History Lisa Norris  August 2019*
Art Education and Crafts Amy Pfeiler-Wunder August 2019
At Large (teaching & non-teaching) Jennifer Schlegel August 2021
FangHsun Wei August 2020
Eric Johnson August 2019
Feisal Murshed  August 2020
Kate Clair August 2021*
Tony Wong August 2019
Athletic Faculty Michelle Gober August 2019*
Biology Chris Habeck August 2021
Business Administration Shawn Riley August 2020
ChairNet Richard Courtney August 2020
Cinema, Television and Media Production Cara Cotellese August 2020
Coaches Marci Scheuing August 2018
Communication Design Summer Doll-Myers August 2019*
Communication Studies  Deryl B. Johnson August 2019
Computer Science and Information Technology Yong Zhang August 2020
Counseling Education Lauren Moss August 2020
Counseling and Psychological Services Jill Sober-White August 2021
Criminal Justice Ann Marie Cordner August 2019*
Elementary Education Jen Gehringer August 2021
English Andrew Vogel August 2021
Geography Mario Cardozo August 2021
History Mike Gabriel August 2021
Library and Learning Technologies Michelle G. Sims August 2021
Library Faculty Daniel Stafford August 2021
Mathematics Padraig McLoughlin August 2019*
Modern Language Studies Sylvie Dewey August 2019
Music Daniel Immel August 2020
OPEIU TBD August 2021
Philosophy Joseph Jedwab August 2020
Physical Sciences Erin Kraal August 2020
Political Science Steve Lem August 2021
Professional Staff Jason Garcia August 2021*
Susan Mangold August 2020
Christine Price August 2021
Douglas Scott August 2021
Provost Anne Zayaitz *
Psychology Ceyhun Sunsay August 2020
SCUPA Valerie Reidout August 2021*
Secondary Education George Sirrakos August 2021
Social Work John Conahan August 2019
Special Education Wendy Rogers August 2019
SPFPA TBD August 2021
Sport Management & Leadership Studies Michelle Vaughn August 2020
Students Braden Hudak August 2019
Ella Sweet August 2019
Amanda Meck August 2019

* 2nd term

** 2 year term