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TRIO Students during a Learning Community Meeting

Top 10 Reasons to Join TRIO SSSP...

1. Academic Counseling

Students are required to meet with an academic coach each semester to monitor academic progress. Additionally, coaches are available to TRIO students when they are having concerns, whether academic or social. The TRIO program receives mid-semester progress reports from students' professors, and assistance is given to those students who are struggling academically.

2. Academic Advisement

Students are required to meet with a TRIO advisor each semester to get assistance with career, major and course selection.

3. First Year Seminar Course

Freshman are enrolled in The TRIO 3-credit University Studies course where they learn vital skills necessary for success in college. The focus of this course is to help ease the transition from high school to college.

4. Learning Community

Freshmen students have the opportunity to meet with 3 of their professors and discuss problems, issues, or concerns while adjusting to college life. These weekly group meetings help to develop relationships between students and faculty both in and out of the classroom.

5. Priority Registration

Students who complete requirements of the TRIO program for each semester are given an appointment to register early for classes.

6. Financial Literacy

Students are given information and financial counseling to help explain or reinforce financial concepts including financial aid, budgeting, securing scholarships and credit.

7. Mentoring

Freshmen are given an upperclassmen mentor in the program to help guide them and answer questions.

8. Cultural and Social Activities

Students have the opportunity to participate in different social and cultural activities hosted by the TRIO program, which help students to connect with their peers and participate in new experiences.

9. Leadership Opportunities

Chi Alpha Epsilon (XAE) is a National Honor Society which enables its members to develop their leadership skills by being an active participant in student-led activities.

10. Student Employment Opportunities

The TRIO program has some employment opportunities for students in the program including becoming a mentor, an office worker, or a student intern.

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