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Peer Tutoring

Peer or One-on-one tutoring is a free service for undergraduate students having difficulty in their Kutztown University courses.  Tutors are available for most lower level courses and some upper level courses. Tutoring Services attempts to find tutors for all classes that have tutoring requests, however it is not guaranteed that tutors will be available for your requested course. 

Peer tutors are students like you, who have taken the course before or who have taken more advanced courses in your subject area and are trained to help you learn the course material. They will meet with you either 2 or 3 hours a week in the Rohrbach Library.

To apply for a peer tutor, you must fill out a brief request form at the Tutor Coordinator's Office in Rohrbach Library Room 30. 

Please email us at for more information or stop by our office!