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Gauge your wellness by answering yes or no to each question

Do you...

  • Avoid caffeine before bed?
  • Take short 20 minute naps when fatigued?
  • Have a predictable sleep cycle?
  • Eat whole grains, fruits, vegatables, and proteins?
  • Keep well hydrated?
  • Have physical activity as part of your daily routine?

If three or more of these apply to you, keep up the good work! Share your healthy habits with a friend!

...or do you

  • Consume energy drinks or coffee beverages in the evening?
  • Take long naps during the day?
  • Have an unpredictable sleep pattern (no routine)?
  • Eat greasy, fatty, or sugary foods?
  • Drink very little water?
  • Sit most of the day?

If three or more of these apply to you, you may want to consider adding healthier lifestyle activities to support your academics.

Click here for Health and Wellness programs at Kutztown University.