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Test Strategies for Multiple Choice Questions and True/False Questions

Multiple Choice:

  • Skim through the test.
  • First read each question and answer the question without looking through the answers, then read through each answer and find the one that most closely matches your answer.
  • Answer questions you consider to be easy first.
  • Mark questions you think you know, and those you want to give more time to answer.

Additional Tips:

  • Pay attention to the grammar within the question and the answers.
  • If two or three answers are true, most likely an "All of the Above" answer is correct.
  • The correct answer is more often the answer with the most information.
  • If two answers look either very similar or appear to be opposites of each other, chances are one of them is the answer.
  • Positive answers are more often correct than negative answers.
  • If you are not certain of an answer, first eliminate those answers you know are incorrect.
  • Other questions on the test may help you answer questions you are stuck on. 
  • Correct answers are also the best answers.  When two answers could be correct, look for the one that best answers the question.


  • Read through the questions carefully.
  • Look for qualifiers such as "never", "always" and "every".  These are absolutes.  The statement is only true if it occurs all the time.
  • "Usually", "sometimes" and "generally" are not absolutes.  The statement is true based on whether or not something occurs in certain situations.
  • Any part of the statement that is untrue makes the statement false.

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