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Text Book Reading

 SQ3R Strategy

Survey:  Read the chapter summary, look at pictures, charts and extra materials. Think about the chapter's  "big picture."

Question:  Think about a question that the chapter should answer.

Read: Read or skim the material for comprehension and to answer the question you posed.

Respond: Either aloud or through writing, use your own words to answer the question you posed.  If you have difficulty, first re-read the chapter. Then if you still have difficulty, consider changing your question.

Record: Now that you know the answer to your question, write down what you have learned.  It is important to fully understand what you have read before you record your answer.

Do: Prioritize your reading and decide what must be read word-for-word and what is acceptable to skim.

Don't: Feel that you have to read every word.

Do: Give yourself plenty of time for reading.