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Concept List

A Concept List is a great way to understand an idea and to make connections between ideas. Building Concept Lists and connecting them helps you develop critical thinking skills.

Creating a Concept List (another term for Concept List is Connection Page)

  • Choose a concept that you find comes up frequently in readings or during class discussions. These are any terms or ideas that you feel are important to know or your teacher points out as being a key concept.
  • Write one Concept at the top of a page. (i.e. CRITICAL THINKING) Each concept needs its own page as this allows you to add additional information as needed.
  • Using bullet points, write everything you know about the topic in short, clear phrases. Include drawings, equations or anything that increases your understanding and helps you remember details about the concept.

How to use a Concept List

  • Concept Lists should be part of your textbook and class notes.
  • When new information is gained about the concept, add the information to the list.
  • As you discover connections between lists, add a bullet point regarding the connection to both Concept Lists.
  • When reviewing for a test, look over your lists and consider what other information may need to be added (what do you need to research further) and what other connections you can make between concepts.
  • Use your Concept Lists as a study aid.
  • Keep your Concept Lists for future use when taking related or advanced courses.