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Out of Jeopardy

The four statuses of Academic Jeopardy are Notification, Warning, Probation, and Dismissal. 

Tips to stay out of Jeopardy:
  • Be in contact with your advisor often.
  • Consider changing your major to one that suits your strengths.
  • Repeat classes in which you earned a D or an F.
  • Find a tutor for classes that you find difficult.
  • Take advantage of Academic Enrichment resources! 
From a 1.8 to a 3.8! Read tips from a student who turned his academics around!

"I pulled an all-night cramming, and woke up late for a test. Now, I study several days before the test."

"I played X-box whenever my friends were hanging around in my room. Now, I make time to study by myself and then make time to be with friends."

"I never would have thought about going to the library to study. Now, I frequently study at the library."

"I dug myself into a deep hole by not getting work done. Now, getting work done before class has lifted my grades, and my confidence has grown."

"I fell behind in class readings and lectures all the time. Now by reading ahead I actually know what's being talked about in class."

"I easily ignored doing an assignment. Now, I remember the horrifying stress of procrastination, and get to work as soon as possible."

"I skipped class all the time. Now, I go to all my classes, even my 8 am lab!"

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