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Other Costs

Employees are eligible for reimbursement for other costs associated with official travel such as:

  1. Bus/taxi
  2. Currency exchange fees
  3. Parking
  4. Telephone/fax
  5. Tolls
  6. Rental car, including gasoline purchases
  7. Mailing costs
  8. Internet fees
  9. Educational books and materials purchased at conference

All expenses claimed must be business-related. The university does not reimburse employees for personal expenditures including:

  1. Parking or moving vehicle fines
  2. Personal telephone calls or faxes
  3. Internet fees for personal use
  4. Dry cleaning and laundry service

Tips for maid service, bell hops, and valets are reimbursable, but these amounts may only be claimed as part of the employee's per diem allowance, subject to the maximum amount.