Routing the Forms

Please allow two weeks for processing from the day it was stamped into the Accounts Payable office.

**IMPORTANT** All cost centers and signatures must be on the form before we can process.  Failure to do so will result in a delay of your reimbursement.  Also, actual departure and return dates and times must be filled in.  

Travel Expense Form

Lines 1 through 19 of the travel expense form should be completed.

The employee should hold onto the Travel form until the trip is complete. If you require a prepayment, send it to Accounts Payable at least two weeks before departure with all proper backup. At that time Accounts Payable will keep the white copy and send the rest back to the employee. The employee should retain the pink, yellow and blue copies (do not separate the pink and blue copies until actual expense information has been entered). 

Record actual expense information under the actual column on the travel expense form when you return. If all of the actual expenses are equal to or less than the line item estimates, sign and date the form. Forward to the Accounts Payable department. 

If any of the actual expenses exceed their estimated amounts, you must obtain your dean or director's signature on the travel expense form prior to submitting it to Accounts Payable. 

Non-Overnight Travel Form

After completing the form and securing the necessary signatures, attach any required receipts with proper proof of payment and return the form to the Accounts Payable department.

Helpful Hint: Make a copy of your receipts and retain them for your records in the event that the originals are lost in transit.

Payment Procedures

The Accounts Payable department processes travel forms on a daily basis. Checks are printed on Tuesday and Thursday. Travel reimbursement checks are sent to employees via the campus mail. A copy of the travel reimbursement form is sent with the check. If any adjustments were made to your travel reimbursement they will be indicated on the copy.  Employees can elect to have their reimbursement directly deposited into their bank account.  If you would like to participate, please fill out the direct deposit form.  Please note that all sections must be completed and forward to the Accounts Payable Department. 

Obtaining Forms

Travel Expense, Non-overnight Travel, and Check Requisition forms are available at our office.  You can choose to call, pick-up or email us at to request for a supply.

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