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Viewing Budgets in SAP

For viewing budgets in SAP, please use the ZFM02_EXP transaction.  To run the report, you will need to enter the 10 digit fund center(s) and the fiscal year.  Prior year budgets can be viewed by using the prior fiscal year in place of the current fiscal year. The screen will display five columns: budget, commitments, actuals, total commitments & actuals in one column, and the available budget in the last column.

The other expenses line is the department's operating budget and should be reviewed prior to creating purchase requisitions or requesting transfers. Departments should also monitor their student wages budget line. Please note the Auxiliaries have a different budget structure. The budget is allocated at the General Ledger (G/L) account level instead of the other expenses. Please click here to see list of G/L accounts.

Please download the SAP Training Manual for instructions on viewing your budget in SAP.