Budget Office

The Budget Office at Kutztown University has various responsibilities, including:

  • Preparing the University's annual operating budget
  • Monitoring expenditures of salary and operating budget lines
  • Processing budget changes (such as transfers, supplements and carry forwards)
  • Providing training and guidance for account managers and their assistants
  • Preparing special studies and financial models that support financial decision-making and planning activities
  • Coordinating budget systems and procedures with Human Resources, Accounting, and other associated departments
  • Preparing Legislative Appropriations Requests to submit to the State

Budget Office Update:

Spending Freeze Expense Approval Procedure

Beginning May 5, 2020, remaining available budgets for 2019-20 were set aside in reserve within individual SAP accounts across all university operations, with the exception of external grant funded activity.  These funds show as encumbered and will not be accessible to the department budget holder without vice presidential approval.  For those expenditures that will be necessary, funds can be released to create approved purchase orders as required.

During the spending freeze, the following expense approval procedure will be followed.  Previously incurred expenses will continue to be paid without additional approval. 

Expenditures Processed Without Additional Approval:

  1. Travel expenses
  2. Postage charges
  3. Telephone charges
  4. Enterprise rental charges
  5. Copier machine costs
  6. Printing costs
  7. P-card charges

Additional necessary expenditures not previously incurred will need vice presidential approval.  For those expenditures requiring approval, departments should send evidence of approval to the Budget Office via email, so funds can be released.

Expenditures Requiring Vice Presidential Approval:

  1. Purchase Requisitions
  2. Purchase Orders
  3. Transfers between SAP accounts

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