Strategic Initiative Request Process

For the 2018-19 Strategic Initiative Request process, there is $279,374 previously set aside from the 2018 Gainsharing process, however requests of any amount will be considered.

This process is intended to provide a means of requesting one-time funds to advance University priorities. Requests to use these funds should be submitted to Divisional heads through the appropriate Dean/Director for consideration. As part of the request process, funding from other sources should be considered. Examples of funding requests are provided in the instructions document below. Minimum amount requested for this process is $5,000. Funding requests that are eligible for Technology Tuition Fee / ITF funds should not be requested under this process.

Forms / Instructions:

Strategic Initiatives Request Form
Strategic Initiatives Request Instructions
Strategic Initiatives Request Spreadsheet

Request Process

Cabinet determines guidelines to solicit budget requests.


Departments/Units complete the form and submit to the Department Chair (or Manager). Requests must tie-in to the University's strategic plan.


Requests are submitted to Deans/Directors.

Early June

Deans/Directors review and prioritize requests. Requests must tie-in to the University's strategic plan. It is important that requests use a combination of funding from divisional resources, strategic initiative funding and other funding sources.

Requests are submitted to Vice Presidents.


Vice Presidents prepare prioritized request packages.

Requests are submitted to the Budget Office for review and compilation.

Early July

Budget requests are reviewed, prioritized and approved by Cabinet.


If you have questions during this process please contact the Budget Office.