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For Faculty

The CDC looks forward to working with you to address the career development needs of all Kutztown University students!

Your role as a faculty member is an important one.  Your support and encouragement will continue to be important as students commit to their chosen majors, explore career options through externships (job shadowing) and internships, make decisions about graduate/professional school, and begin the job search process.

How You Can Help:

      • Emphasize the importance of career planning and development beginning first year.
      • Help students connect with the CDC through participation in scheduled events and classroom presentations.
      • Emphasize the importance of 1) good grades and 2) related experience (part-time job, volunteer work, job shadowing, research experience, and internship) 3) taking advantage of CDC resources, services, and special events.  See Schedule of Events.  
      • Refer students who express concerns about choice of major or career to the CDC for assistance.
      • Partner with the CDC, when working with employers, to provide students with access to available internship and job opportunities in accordance with The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), Principles for Professional Practice. 

Student Referrals to the CDC

Individual Career Counseling/Coaching
Individual career counseling/coaching is available to help students: choose their major, complete career assessments, research career options and define a career path, begin a job search, target employers in a specific industry, or pursue graduate education.  Students may call the Career Development Center (610-683-4067) or stop by (113 Stratton) to schedule an appointment.

Quick-Question/Walk-In Hours
 Students are welcome to stop by the center (Stratton 113) Monday-Friday from 2-4pm for quick questions; no appointment required.  Individual Career Counseling/Coaching

Workshops, Events & Presentations

Each semester the CDC offers over 60 workshops and events on topics ranging from employer panels, job shadowing, interviewing and job search strategies to graduate school preparation.  Click here for the Schedule of Events.

      • Class/Extra Credit Assignments
        We encourage you to send your class(es) to scheduled workshops and events or to offer credit/extra credit for attendance. We are able to provide attendance verification to you. Please call the CDC in advance to make arrangements.
      • Classroom Presentations
        We welcome the opportunity to come into your classroom or have your class meet in the CDC to discuss topics relevant to the career development of students in your course.  Please contact the CDC at least 4 weeks in advance to schedule.  Priority for in-class presentations are given to homogenous groups such as freshmen learning communities, junior and senior seminars and other courses restricted to specific majors. Classroom presentations may be limited to one per semester/section. Topics include: Making the Most of Your College Experience, Internships, Job Search Strategies, Interviewing, Professionalism in the Workplace and Graduate/Professional School.

Other CDC Resources

Review Service
The CDC reviews over 2,000 documents each year including resumes, cover letters, and personal statements/application essays.  If your students create a resume and/or cover letter as part of your course requirements, you may work with us to submit these documents for review by the CDC staff.  Please call the CDC at 610-683-4067 to make arrangements.  Please keep in mind that the turnaround time for this service may take up to 14 days depending on current volume.  To get the most from this service, please have your students review the resources on this site and the Writing Resumes, Cover Letters, & Other Correspondence Guidebook prior to writing their materials.

Interview Preparation
Making a good first impression is essential for a strong and successful interview.  The CDC provides the opportunity for students to practice for job interviews through face-to-face and online means:

      • Face-to-Face Interview Practice
        Each semester the CDC sponsors Mock Interview Mania Week for juniors and seniors to practice interviewing face-to-face with an employer.  Students are interviewed for approximately 20 minutes and then spend another 10 minutes receiving tips and feedback for improvement from the employer.  If you are interested in having your class participate in Mock Interview Mania, you must inform the CDC prior to the semester. Students are required to sign-up for a Mock Interview through (KUCN).  Space is limited and students must sign-up early.  It is recommended that students prepare by reviewing the Interviewing Successfully Guidebook and practicing online through KU Career Network (KUCN).
      • Online Interview Practice
        Using a webcam and microphone, students can practice interviewing online, record their practice interview, and submit it to the Career Development Center for review and feedback.  Please keep in mind that the turnaround time for this service varies depending on current volume.  To get the most from this service, please have your students review the Interviewing Successfully Guidebook and Instructions for completing an Online Mock Interview prior to logging onto KUCN.  

Career Development Publications
The Online Career Library has many helpful publications and resources including the Guidebook Series and Major Discovery Series.   Feel free to visit this page and copy these links to your D2L or syllabus.  

Employer Relations and Internship/Job Postings

The Career Development Center has contact with many local and regional employers interested in not only recruiting KU students but also providing opportunities that may enhance and enrich a student's college experience. The CDC can:

      • Share employer and alumni contacts specific to your department
      • Coordinate meetings between faculty members and employers interested in recruiting your department's students
      • Distribute internship listings specific to your department

If you know of industry professionals interested in sponsoring an internship or posting a job opportunity for KU students and alumni, please refer them to the CDC.  The Career Development Center recognizes and adheres to The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), Principles for Professional Practice.  These principles guide our practices for career planning and recruitment and include:

      • Maintaining an open and free selection of employment and experiential learning opportunities in an atmosphere conducive to objective thought, where job candidates can choose to optimize their talents and meet their personal objectives;
      • Maintaining a recruitment process that is fair and equitable;
      • Supporting informed and responsible decision-making by candidates.

Internship and Job Postings
KU Career Network (KUCN) is a job posting system that is shared by all 14 State Universities in Pennsylvania.  Any positions received are posted on this site.

Letters of Recommendation
As a faculty member, you may be asked to provide letters of recommendation for students applying for internships, professional positions, or graduate/professional school. The following tips from the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) may help you provide an effective and fair assessment for your students. 

KU Career Network