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Center for Academic Success & Achievement: Referrals

How to Make a Referral

The Center for Academic Success and Achievement (CASA) is committed to forming partnerships with faculty and staff members in order to enhance the student experience at Kutztown University.

If you feel a student could benefit from our services, please contact CASA at or complete the referral form below. A member of the CASA Team will follow up with you in a timely manner.  Thank you for ensuring our students have a positive KU experience.

CASA Referrals can be completed by any member of the Kutztown University community. 


1.  Click the link to the form 


3.  Complete the Referral Form in its entirety and click submit
4.  A member of the CASA Team will attempt to make contact with the student

If you have any questions or unable to send the form please email us at

Frequently Asked Questions Concerning a CASA Referral

When should faculty and instructors submit CASA referrals?

Ideally, referrals are submitted in the first four to six weeks of the semester to allow CASA Coordinators ample time to connect students to relevant campus resources. You may however, submit referrals at any time while the student is enrolled in your class.

What happens when students are referred to CASA?

Through emails and telephone calls are made by the Coordinator for Student Success, referred students are made aware of their risk in courses and directed to make an appointment with the CASA to discuss available resources.

What happens when students schedule appointments with CASA staff following a CASA referral?

Professional Coordinators for Student Success meet one-on-one with referred students to discuss personal and environmental barriers to their academic success and to design action plans for success including connecting students to relevant campus resources. Referred students are also often encouraged to make contact with their course instructor to discuss their academic progress to-date.

Will the student know who submitted their referral to CASA?

Yes, the student is made aware of who is concerned about their progress or attendance so that appropriate changes in academic habits and relevant campus referrals can be made.

What if I am concerned about a student’s behavior beyond academics and/or attendance?

If you have concerns about a student related to behaviors beyond academics or attendance, you may consider making appropriate referrals to the University Police Department or Counseling and Psychological Services