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Center for Academic Success & Achievement: RISE



The RISE Program sponsored through the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA) is designed: 

  • To help students explore their potential through a successful transition from high school through college.
  • To help students achieve good academic standing.
  • To provide personalized academic support as they earn their college degree(s).
  • To encourage students to discover the value of hard work and progress and become lifelong learners.

It is a comprehensive academic support program which provides assistance in developing academic and personal skills including individualized academic support, academic advising/ coaching, tutoring, workshops, leadership, responsibility, accountability and camaraderie.

RISE Program:


  • Provides the extra support necessary for students who benefit from assistance with their academic courses.
  • Improves student academic performance, retention and graduation rates.
  • Provides personalized academic support and encourages students as learners.
  • Assist students in developing responsibility, accountability and self-confidence.
  • Provides information involving financial literacy to students.
  • Assists students in managing their roles as efficient learners and leaders within the college environment.
  • Provides academic coaching/advising and helps with study skills.
  • Provides a sense of belonging and positive connection to KU.

Freshman Seminar

During the freshman year, members of the program will participate in a Freshman Seminar. This course will feature shared scheduling, collaborative learning approaches and an emphasis on connecting learning across course and disciplinary boundaries. Through this experience students will grow academically and socially as they transition from high school to college. 


According to the PHEAA guidelines, a student is eligible to participate if he/she is:

  • A PA resident.
  • Enrolled at Kutztown University.
  • Has academic need
  • Fully motivated and committed to achieving academic success.
  • Qualifies for financial aid.