Transfer Student Information

Two KU Students at Graduation

Succeeding at KU is an investment in your education which begins now.  To enhance your transfer experience, the Center for Academic Success and Achievement (CASA) provides personalized academic support, student success workshops and our own semester calendar to help you plan out your semester.  

  • How can CASA help me Succeed?

    Meet with a CASA coordinator for Student Success for personalized academic support. Learn skills and techniques on how to stay organized, be successful, and track your progress.

    Student Success Workshops are held on Sunday evenings and Tuesdays during the free hour at 11 am. Some workshop topics include Time Management, Study Skills, Test Taking Skills, and Goal Setting.

    The Deatrick Success Center located within Deatrick Hall is a walk-in extension of CASA. Stop by for resources and tips on being a successful student or attend a Student Success Workshop.


    1. Meet with your advisor
    2. Utilize your professor's office hours
    3. Give a friend or family member a tour of campus to become acclimated
    4. Attend the Involvement Fair and join one club
    5. Find your ultimate study space
    6. Take advantage of all academic resources such as Tutoring Services and Writing Center
    7. Get your resume reviewed by the Career Development Center
    8. Check your Kutztown email, D2L, and MyKU daily
    9. Don't be afraid to ask for help!
    10. Come to The Center for Academic Success & Achievement (CASA)!

  • Tau Sigma National Honor Society

    Tau Sigma National Honor Society Tau Sigma National Honor Society is a growing, prestigious organization on KU's campus for transfer students!  Established by Briana Zdradzinski in December 2016, the Eta Mu chapter is the 3rd Tau Sigma chapter within PASSHE. Currently, at over 100 members, this chapter has been recognizing transfer students who earned a GPA of 3.5 or higher in their first ... scholarships are available through Tau Sigma just for members. The opportunities continue as the chapter grows. Tau Sigma National Honor Society transfer, honor, society, tau sigma, national honor.  For more information see link.