FYS Mentor Profiles

Dr. Dan Blanchard, Physical Sciences

Teaching: My name is Dan Blanchard and I have been a faculty member at Kutztown University for more than 20 years.  I teach organic chemistry.  I’ve gotten interested in the science of cooking and have both a first-year seminar based on this topic as well as a general education course (which has not yet been offered).  This fall will be the third time I’ve taught FYS. 

Research: My research has included how certain organic reactions occur, what holds proteins together, and the organic chemistry that takes place in everyday processes. 

Service: I have served on the University Promotion Committee, Rep Council and am a long-standing member of the Laboratory Safety Committee. 

Personal: I am married, have two adopted sons, four dogs, and a plethora of cats. 

Times when I can meet: This semester I’m available to meet on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and Tuesday and Friday afternoons.

Dr. Duane Crider, Sport Management & Leadership Studies

Teaching: I have been teaching Risk Management, Personal Fitness Training, and assorted Health, Activity, and Sport Management courses since 1996.

Research:  My research projects have included Emergency Care and Bystander Response, Tai Chi as an Adaptive Activity, Distance Learning Effectiveness, as well as Fitness and assorted topics.

Service: I currently serve on the University Safety and Security Council as the Chair as well as the University Tenure Committee.  I have been involved in the Sport Management accreditation since its origins at KU.  I’m the Advisor to the Frisbee Club.

Personal: I am an avid recreation and fitness person.  I enjoy outdoor sport and exercise.  I have owned 11 Jeeps most of them Wranglers and enjoy off road activities. 

Times I can meet: I am planning to have (tentative) office hours: Mon 1-3pm and T/Th 9:30-11am.

Dr. Mary Eicholtz, Communication Studies

Teaching: I teach in the communication Studies Department and focus my teaching and research in the areas of workplace and leadership communication.

Research:  My research is in the areas of workplace and leadership communication. Additionally, I have done Research in assessment.

Service: Currently, I am the chair of the Communication Studies department, but most recently my service was devoted to the General Education Redesign, Gen Ed assessment, and the development of FYS.  

Personal: I spend my time doing counted cross stitch, spending time with my 88-year-old mom (who I live with), and enjoying some British TV.

Times I can meet: I can meet most times. I teach from 3-6 on Monday and Wednesdays!

Dr. Dina Hayduk, Sport Management & Leadership Studies

Teaching:  I am a student centered teacher who focuses on student success. I believe in holding students accountable for work by giving them the tools to succeed.

Research: My research and national presentations have all been on pedagogy in higher education

Personal: I live in Kutztown and walk everywhere so I will often see students on campus and in town.

Dr. Loriann Irving, Student Support Services Prgm

Teaching:  I'm the director of the TRIO Student Support Services Program at Kutztown and have been teaching an FYS-like course for first-generation, low-income students since 2007. 

Service: As a program, we've co-coordinated the First-Gen Initiative on campus and worked diligently to keep our student retention rates as high as 89%.

Personal: Outside of KU, I'm the President-Elect of PA TRIO, a Cub Scout den leader, and love music. 

Times I can meet: I can meet on Monday afternoons or Wednesdays after 10:00am.

Dr. Lynn Kutch, Modern Languages

Teaching:  I teach all levels of German language and also teach German culture and film classes in English, including German Culture Through Film and German Horror Stories. I have also been teaching FYS for several semesters and will begin teaching CMP 201 with the history department in fall 2020. 

Research: For the last several years, my research has focused on German-language comics studies, which has resulted in several publications and national as well as international recognition. 

Personal: Traveling, spending time with family and supporting my daughter in her career as an educator.  

Times I can meet: Tuesdays/Thursdays

Dr. Liaoliao Li, Business Administration

Teaching:  I teach economics and FYS in the Department of Business Administration.

Research: My research areas include international economics and monetary economics.

Times I can meet: I am available 11-11:30 am on MWF in fall 2020.

Dr. Carolina Moctezuma, Modern Languages

Teaching: I teach all levels of Spanish, FYS and Intercultural communication courses.

Research: My current research interest are Latino/Hispanic culture in the US.

Service: I currently serve on the LAS curriculum committee.

 Personal: I have two boys and love to cook, bake and do all types of house projects.

Times I can meet: Best times to meet would be Fridays at 1 p.m.

Dr. Brenda Muzeta, Secondary Education

Teaching: I enjoy interacting with my students and I find tremendous joy in all the courses that I teach. I teach the First Year Seminar (FYS) Teachers in the Movies, EDU 150 Meeting Instructional Needs of English learners, and other ESL courses,

Research: My research, guided by identity, sociocultural and post-colonial theories focuses on the sociocultural and sociopolitical contexts in which student from linguistically and culturally diverse backgrounds develop and grow. 

Service: I am on various committees including The ESL Advisory Board, The Honors Council, and I also serve as Faculty advisor for Kappa Delta Pi. 

Personal: I enjoy reading, writing, cooking, traveling domestically and internationally, keeping up with current news, experiencing new cultures, learning new languages, and staying in touch with friends.

Dr. Peg Speirs, Art Education

Teaching: This is my 35th year teaching with the last 22 years at KU.

Research: My research interests include feminist art, theory and pedagogy; issues-based art education; and digital storytelling. Currently I’m screenwriting and editing a documentary on women and tattoo, and have been making videos since 2012.

Service: I served as Interim Associate Dean in VPA for 4.5 years, ending the last term in 2018.

Personal: I am an artist, curator, and co-owner of Studio/Gallery 908 and Random Oaks Studio. In the summers, I grow vegetable gardens and take care of fruit production on our Farm in OH.

Times I can meet: I can usually meet after 2:00 during the week.  

Dr. Stephen Stoeffler, Social Work

Teaching: The foremost mechanism for my teaching effectiveness is building relationships with students.

Research: My primary areas of research and scholarship are in poverty alleviation, community empowerment, and social work professional identity.

Service: My service to the department, college, university, community, and profession is extensive and mainly focuses on areas of social and economic justice.

Personal: I have four children, ages 2, 8, 11, and 12, that occupy most of my non-working hours.

Times I can meet: I am on campus most days and can schedule times to meet (via phone, zoom, or in-person) through email.

Dr. Juliana Svistova, Social Work

Teaching: I am a passionate educator across all levels of education who uses active, team-based learning format in her classrooms.

Research: I am a community-engaged scholar, nationally and internationally, currently studying access to mental health services in rural PA and innovative community-based poverty alleviation strategy in rural Haiti.

Service: I am dedicated to providing my service based my on the needs of Department, Campus and communities.

Personal: I am an amateur gardener, avid traveler, and a self-proclaimed global citizen.

Times I can meet: Afternoons work better for me, as well as Mon and Fri.

Dr. Sarah Tindall,  Physical Sciences (Geology)

Teaching: My teaching style is frenetic and goofy.   I try to establish a learning atmosphere in which everyone can be themselves, but with boundaries of mutual respect and trust.  Does it always work?

Research: I study geologic processes ranging from the formation of microscopic cracks to the development of entire mountain ranges.  I love doing field work.

Service: I choose service obligations that enhance academic and research opportunities for faculty and students (e.g. KU Research Committee, Undergraduate Exceptions Committee).

Personal: My husband, two kids, five cats, two goats, and ~40 chickens require a lot of time and attention.  I also enjoy running, hiking, bicycling, cooking and baking, and reading fantasy-adventure junk. 

Times I can meet: I’ll be on campus on Tuesdays and Thursdays but I will be very busy. I don’t yet know what my children’s school schedules will be, so I honestly don’t know when to meet in person in the fall!  But ZOOM meetings are a good way to hang out and chat, so we might need to use those as a fallback.