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  1. The Office of Conference Services staff is NOT responsible for the supervision of conference guests, most importantly youth groups. The conference director is expected to provide an adequate number of counselors/chaperones or leaders to supervise the behavior of guests. If problems in this area occur, a member of the Conference Services staff will discuss the problem with one of the conference leaders. The Conference Services staff and other University representatives reserve the right to handle any problems which seem to present an immediate danger to an individual or the property of Kutztown University. In this case, a conference director will be informed of the problem and will be expected to take corrective action. The conference will also be charged for any destruction of property. A reminder that conferees should be supervised at all times while on campus (residence halls, dining hall, gymnasiums, swimming pool, etc).

  2. It is understood that the conference and all persons under its supervision and control will abide by the rules, regulations and requirements of Kutztown University for the use of its various services and facilities. It is further understood that the conference will withdraw, remove or expel any person(s) associated with or participating in the conference upon the request of the Office of Conference Services for good cause. Moreover, the conference agrees to cease and desist any activity, function, program, etc., upon the request of the Office of Conference Services for good cause. The term "good cause" as used shall include but not be limited to the violation of any rule, regulation or condition of Kutztown University.

  3. The recommended supervision ratios are as follows:  5 years and younger /1 staff per 5 campers (6 if a day camp); 6-8 years/1 staff per 6 campers (8 if a day camp); 9-14 years/1 staff per 8 campers (10 if a day camp); 15-18 years/1 staff per 10 campers (12 if a day camp).