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Student Employment

The KU Office of Conference Service hires students over the summer to serve as SUMMER CONFERENCE ASSISTANTS (currently accepting applications for the summer of 2018).


Brief Job Description & Related Information

The Conference Assistant (CA) is responsive to the needs of various conferences and camps brought to the KU campus through the Office of Conference Services. The CA must be a live-in staff member. Only those able to reside on campus in a residence hall will be considered. It is imperative that the CA can commit to working from the week after graduation in May through the second week of August. In addition, all CAs must have a valid driver's license. The CA's responsibilities do not allow them to take any classes during the summer session (with the exception of online classes with approval from the Director). If online classes are approved and taken by the CA, the Office of Conference Services cannot provide tuition remission. You will be responsible for all tuition and associated fees.

Extended job description


  • Housing: Single room in a residence hall
  • Meals: Furnished meals at the South Dining Hall for duration of employment contract
  • Salary: $2,500.00 stipend


Why should you work for Conference Services?

  • Gain meaningful summer employment that will provide you summer housing and meals - in addition to a salary.
  • Meet diverse groups of people throughout the summer.
  • Take advantage of the role models on campus as well as becoming a role model for our visitors and guests.
  • Gain customer service experience as a liaison and coordinator for visiting conferences.

Deadline for Applications: Wednesday, February 14, 2018, 4:00 p.m.