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Application for Payment (AIA G702): Application for Payment Form

Application for Payment Continuation Sheet (AIA G703): Pay App Continuation Sheet

Consent of Surety to Final Payment (AIA G707): Consent of Surety to Final Payment Form

Consent of Surety to Reduction in or Partial Release of Retainage (AIA G707A): Retainage Consent of Surety

E-Verification: E-Verification

Labor Rate Breakdown Form (FPS038): Labor Rate Breakdown Form

Payment of Debts & Claims (AIA G706): Affidavit of Payment of Debts & Claims Form

Prevailing Wage Payroll Certification: Prevailing Wage Pay Sheet

Schedule of Values: Schedule of Values Form

Steel Certificate (ST-1) Domestically Manufactured: Steel FM 1

Steel Certificate (ST-2) Non-Identifiable, Non-Structural Steel: Steel FM 2

Steel Certificate (ST-3) 75% US Manufacturer: Steel FM 3

Steel Certificate (ST-4) Not Domestically Manufactured: Steel FM 4

Stored Materials & Bill of Sale: Stored Materials & Bill of Sale Form

Work Order Proposal (Concrete & Paving): WOC Proposal Form (Concrete & Paving)

Work Order Proposal (GC - HVAC - Plbg - Elec): WOC Proposal Form (GC - HVAC - Plbg - Elec)