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What Happens When I Contact the Office of the Dean of Students?

The Office of the Dean of Students provides a safe place for you to address your concerns, where your privacy is respected and strict confidentiality is maintained.  No action will be taken on your issue without your permission.

Your representative in the Dean's Office will listen to you carefully and ask questions to help understand your concerns.  Supporting documentation, such as letters, emails or other relevant information will be kept in a confidential file.  Prior to your first meeting, please complete the Request for Student Assistance form.  The completed form can be emailed to  You can also bring the form with you on the day of the meeting.

When it is necessary for the Dean's Office to consult with other individuals in the university about your situation, you will be asked for consent before any action is taken.  Sometimes an anonymous inquiry is all that is needed.

The length of time it takes to resolve your situation will vary depending on its complexity.  With an understanding of general university policies and procedures, your Dean's representative will suggest a reasonable resolution based on the information presented.  If all parties do not agree with the recommendation, your representative may be able to identify other options.  You will be updated periodically on the progress of your situation.  Regardless of the situation, the Office of the Dean of Students does not make a binding decision.