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When Should I Contact the Office of the Dean of Students?

You have choices at Kutztown University regarding what resources you can use for assistance.  Keep in mind that you can always talk to your professor, department chair, academic advisor, academic dean, or a staff person in one of the Academic and Student Affairs offices.  Many valuable resources are available to you within these departments.  If those discussions fail to resolve your problem, then feel free to contact the Office of the Dean of Students by submitting a Request for Student Assistance form, by sending an email to, or by calling  610-683-1396. 

Contact the Office of the Dean of Students:

If you are unsure about which rules, policies, or procedures apply to your situation.

If you need someone to help clarify a situation or circumstance affecting you.

If you feel that a particular University policy or regulation has been applied unfairly or erroneously.

If you require assistance with an academic matter, such as a withdrawal, grade appeal, or academic misconduct.

If you require assistance with a student matter, such as fees, payments and loans, residences, and housing.

If you feel that you have been adversely affected by the behavior of a university staff person.

If you require someone to help facilitate communication between you and a member of the administration, faculty/staff, or another student.

If you need someone to work on your behalf in order to achieve a solution to your problem.