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Cub Cafe

Be sure to try this all-all-you-can-eat dining facility!

Recently renovated, the Cub Cafe includes expanded seating areas and a new concept of serving open cuisine cooking.  Serving areas include a grill, international, home-style, deli, soup/salad, bakery, and beverage stations.  This is a residential location for our students, open 7 days a week, providing breakfast, lunch and dinner sessions.

Click Here for a visual tour of Cub Cafe. 

The Bear's Den

If you're in the mood for a cup of freshly ground premium coffee, espresso beverage, frozen smoothie; before, after or in between classes, stop by Starbuck's at the Bear's Den! Starbuck's also offers a variety of sandwiches and snacks, along with freshly baked goods made daily.

Updated: 10/4/2018 ALF