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Alternate Text Formats

Alternative textbooks are an accommodation for students with visual limitations, learning disabilities, or other cognitive or physical limitations that significantly affect the ability to read and or comprehend print material. This accommodation provides adequate access to textbooks in a format that is compatible to the student's limitations.  Please contact the DSO if you have difficulty obtaining e-texts.

Electronic Textbooks/E-Texts Only

  1. Check the KU bookstore website by going to and clicking the "textbooks" tab.  Search for your courses and look for digital text versions. Please be aware that text formats that indicate "E-text access code included" have the e-text bundled included.
  2. You can also purchase electronic books at most commercial locations such as Amazon, Chegg, and, Barnes and Noble.
  3. Students with an alternate textbook accommodation are encouraged to sign-up to become a member of Bookshare.  When signing up, you will be required to show proof of a disability by having the DSO complete the verification form. Membership in Bookshare will provide you with free access to a large variety of electronic textbooks which you can search and download instantly. 
  4. Kutztown University Library has a variety of e-texts that students can download to computers and other devices including the iPad, iPhone, Kobo, Nook, and Sony Reader. Download of Adobe Digital Editions (free download) will be required. Please contact Bob Flatley, Librarian, at 610-683-4168 with any questions.
  5. If you are unable to locate/purchase/acquire an electronic version of your textbook through the methods listed above, please complete the Request Text in an Alternate Format Form for assistance with acquiring e-texts.

Hard Copy and E-texts

  1. If you require both a hard copy of the textbook along with the e-text version, you will need to first purchase the hard copy textbook at the KU Bookstore or another commercial outlet. 
  2. Complete the Request Text in an Alternate Format Form. The DSO will assist you in acquiring the e-text version.  Please allow 4-6 weeks to obtain alternate text formats. Late requests will result in a delay in receiving textbook materials.
  3. Publishers required proof of purchase to receive e-texts files. Submit the receipt for your hard copy textbook purchase by emailing a scan of your receipt to or bringing your receipt to the office. The DSO will contact the publisher to determine if an electronic (pdf, word) version of the book is available. 
  4. If the book publisher does not have an electronic copy of the book, the DSO may scan your hard copy textbook to a disc. Please be aware that the office must remove the bindings of the textbook to scan it and the process takes 1-2 weeks.  

Voice Output/Screen Readers

Electronic text books can be used with a screen reader which uses a speech synthesizer or braille display to read the text for the user. There are many screen reading programs that can be researched online and purchased for personal use. Listed below are several vendors that offer free downloads. Additionally, most Apple products and PC's using Windows 10 have accessibility functions that include text to speech functions.

On-Campus Accessibility

JAWS and Zoomtext software for blind and visually impaired students is installed in computer labs across campus.  Additionally, all labs have MAC's and PC's with text to speech accessibility functions.