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Autism Services (My Place)

Kutztown University encourages academically qualified students with disabilities to participate in its educational program and services.

Kutztown University's My Place is a program of augmented services that go beyond what can be provided through traditional academic accommodations and support services. The program focuses on four major areas: academics, career development, social skills, and daily living. Please note: the My Place program is not a clinical, counseling, or therapeutic based program. 

Program Goals

      • Assist in the adjustment to college life by creating a sense of community and personal connection to the university
      • Develop self-advocacy skills through increased self-knowledge and development of a career plan
      • Provide opportunities to learn and practice effective classroom etiquette and workplace readiness skills
      • Assist in the development of strategies and skills necessary for degree attainment and professional employment

Program Levels

Residential Program (6 contact hours/week)
Students living on-campus (freshmen and transfer students) start in this program for at least the first year at KU or first year in the My Place program. The Residential Program consists of one hour of one-on-one coaching, three hours of structured study hall (2 X weekly for 1.5 hours), one hour of group recreation or group activity, and one-hour group meal each week. Additional social and group activities are scheduled based on interest and need. The focus of the Residential Program is the adjustment to college living, engagement in campus activities, development of study habits and strategies, classroom etiquette, and self-advocacy. 

Commuter/Continuing Program (2 contact hours/week)
The Commuter/Continuing program is designed for freshmen and transfer commuter students as well as residential students who have participated in the Residential Program for at least one year.  This program consists of one hour of one-on-one coaching and one hour of career development coaching, structured study hall, group meal, or other activity depending on the student's needs and goals.  The focus of the Commuter/Continuing Program is on self-advocacy, study habits, classroom and workplace etiquette, and career development.

Transition Program (1 contact hour/week)
The Transition Program is designed for students who have participated in the Residential Program or Commuter/Continuing Program and are nearing the end of their undergraduate studies. This program consists of one hour of one-on-one coaching or career development coaching. The focus of the Transition Program is on degree completion, internship/job search, graduate school planning, and transition to employment.

Campus Living Features

      • Single room residence hall option (upon availability)
      • Sensory reduced dining availability
      • Specially trained peer mentor

Application Process

  1. Upon acceptance to Kutztown University, download the Accommodations Request Form and Documentation Guidelines file. Follow the instructions for completing and submitting the documents to the DSO. Familiarity with our accommodation request guidelines and procedures will help to prevent unnecessary delays in the process.
  2. Print, complete, and submit the student application.
  3. Schedule an accommodation plan meeting with the DSO (610-683-4108) once your documents have been submitted to the Disability Services Office.

Please note: Students are accepted into the My Place program on a first come, first served basis at the discretion of the DSO staff.   

Program Fees

Click here for more information on fall 2018 program fees. Refunds are subject to the college refund policy. No refunds are granted for students who choose not to attend or participate in activities or events.

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