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Note Taker Accommodation

Note taking is an accommodation for students with hearing, visual, motor limitations or those who have learning or cognitive disabilities that significantly affect the ability to take notes in class. The note taking accommodation is designed to enhance the student's learning process by having another set of notes.  This accommodation is not to be used as a substitute for attending class or taking one's own notes, if physically able. Please contact the DSO if you have difficulty obtaining your accommodations or need assistance with self-advocating or communicating your needs to your professors.  

Requesting a Note Taker

  1. At the beginning of each semester, you must request notes by completing the online Note Taker Request Form. Be sure your KU email information is correct on this form.  You will receive a short acknowledgement email when your Note Taker Request Form is received by the DSO. When your Note Take request is processed by the DSO you will receive an email with log-on instructions to retrieve your notes from D2L (Desire to Learn). 
  2. When your note taker is set-up you will be able to click on the Assignments tab under Course Elements to download your notes. Check your account frequently for the course. Please note that you will be logging in as a guest with your DSO assigned username, not your Kutztown D2L login.
  3. It may take 3-4 weeks for the DSO to identify and hire a note taker and for you to receive notes. Please ask a classmate to share notes until your note taker is in place. 
  4. Inform the DSO office immediately if: a) you are unable to log in or access your notes from D2L, b) there is a problem with the notes, c) you no longer need the notes, or, d) you withdraw from the course for which you requested notes.
  5. Notes are posted within 24 hours after each class session. You are encouraged to download your notes as soon as they are available. Please be aware, if you are not accessing and downloading your notes, the DSO will assume you no longer need the notes and will suspend your note taking accommodation.  

Using Your Notes Effectively

  1. Take your own notes each class session and print out any notes that your professor posts.
  2. Download and print your notes from D2L as soon as possible.
  3. Date your notes, review them, and file them in a notebook or folder.
  4. Compare your class notes, professor's notes, if available, and the note taker's notes. Insert any new information.
  5. Use a highlighter, asterisks, or underline to mark important information.
  6. Insert a question mark next to concepts you don't understand. Ask your professor about these concepts during office hours.
  7. Mark announcements and information about upcoming exams or papers. Add due dates to your calendar.