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Test Accommodations

Testing accommodations are modifications to the testing conditions for students with hearing, visual, motor limitations or those who have learning, cognitive, or psychological disabilities that significantly affect the ability to demonstrate their mastery of course material under normal testing conditions. Please contact the DSO if you have difficulty arranging for your testing accommodations.

Making Arrangements for Testing Accommodations (each semester)

  1. Present your accommodation letters from the DSO and discuss your testing accommodations with each of your professors at the beginning of the semester (what, how, where, when). The DSO encourages faculty to provide testing accommodations within their own department, if possible. However, if the professor is unable to provide the necessary accommodations, he or she may ask you to utilize the DSO Testing Center.
  2. If you and your professor decide that you will take your tests in the DSO Testing Center, you must make a reservation by completing the DSO Testing Form in myKU (click on Student Center Tab, click on the "Other academic" drop-down menu, select DSO Testing  Form) at least 3 school days before each test.  
  3. Email your professor at least 3 days before each test to ensure that your test accommodations are in place. See sample email. Please be aware that if you do not notify your professor in advance of each exam, you may not be able to utilize your accommodations.
  4. The Test Center hours are 8-4:30 pm Monday-Friday  All tests must be taken during your scheduled class time, in one testing session, unless written permission is provided by the professor.
  5. Student ID or photo identification is required when you check into the DSO Testing Center. Students are required to turn in cell phones and/or any wearable technology (i.e. smart watch) prior to testing. If any unapproved items are discovered in the testing room, the item(s) will be removed immediately and your professor will be notified.
  6. Students who are approved for extended test time will also be approved for early registration (in subsequent semesters) in order to help arrange your class schedule to accommodate the extra time for test administration.
    Please try to schedule your courses with breaks between each class to make test scheduling easier. 

The DSO Testing Center

Picture of desk and chair in DSO Testing Center

The DSO Testing Center (Location:205 Stratton Admin Center Phone:484-646-5945) administers exams (with faculty approval) for students who have testing accommodations. The DSO Testing Center has eight individual testing rooms and a small group testing area with an additional five desks.  All testing areas are monitored by camera.  

Additional rooms and proctors are scheduled during high volume testing periods and final exams.