Alternate Text Formats

Alternate Text Formats

Alternative textbooks are an accommodation for students with visual limitations, learning disabilities, or other cognitive or physical limitations that significantly affect the ability to read and or comprehend print material. This accommodation provides adequate access to textbooks in a format that is compatible with the student's limitations.  Please contact the DSO if you have difficulty obtaining e-texts.

Electronic Textbooks/E-Texts Only
  1. Sign up to become a member of Bookshare. This is a free program developed to assist those with print disabilities. They will request proof of disability during the membership process. Our office can assist by completing the proof of disability form. Bookshare has a large selection of alternate format texts.

  2. Purchase your own electronic versions of textbooks either through the Kutztown University Bookstore or through another vendor of your choice. This will allow you to purchase and access your electronic texts quickly. 

Requesting Textbooks in an Alternate Format from the Publisher
  1. If you are approved for textbooks in an alternate format and need assistance in obtaining these you can send your textbook information to ebooks.  Please include title, author, publisher, edition, and ISBN number.

  2. The DSO will assist you in acquiring an electronic (PDF, Word) version of the textbook from the publisher. Please allow 4-6 weeks to obtain alternate text materials. Late requests can result in a delay in receiving alternate materials.

  3. You will be required to show proof of purchase of the textbook before we can provide you with the electronic text. This proof of purchase can be the receipt or the hard copy of the textbook.

  4. If the book publisher does not have an electronic version of the textbook, the DSO may scan your hard copy. Please be aware that the office must remove the bindings of the textbook in order to scan it. The book will be rebound once the scanning is completed. This process can take 1-2 weeks.

  5. Once you have an electronic version of the textbook you can use a text to speech program of your choice to listen to the book. Some possible options could be:

    • Text to speech accessibility features built into your windows or apple products.

    • Free downloadable text to speech software such as

    • For purchase text to speech software such as read and write gold