Getting Started with Monitor

About Monitor

Respondus Monitor is an extension of the LockDown Browser that enables automated proctoring for online exams. Monitor uses a student's webcam, microphone, and AI-driven video analytics to ensure the identity of students and protect the integrity of online exams by automatically flagging incidents of potential cheating for instructor review.

Start Up Resources

Respondus provides getting started resources for faculty and students. Live trainings intended for instructors who plan to use LockDown Browser and/or Monitor with online exams are available. Register for a live webinar or view a recorded session now.

Enabling Monitor on an Exam

Respondus Monitor is enabled on D2L quizzes individually from within the LockDown Browser dashboard. Please view the Respondus Monitor Setup article for step-by-step instructions for enabling Monitor on an exam.

Reviewing Exam Results

After students take an exam, return to the LockDown Browser dashboard to review webcam recordings and flagged events. Please view the Reviewing Monitor Exam Results article for step-by-step instructions.

Monitor FAQs
  • What are the technical requirements for students?

    Respondus Monitor has the following minimum system requirements:

    • Windows: 10, 8, 7.
    • Mac: OS X 10.12 or higher.
    • iOS: 10.0+ (iPad only).
    • Chromebook
    • Web camera (internal or external) & microphone
    • A broadband internet connection
  • What should I tell my students about Monitor?

    Please explain the Respondus Monitor requirement to students before your exam. You can share our Student Guide with students so they know what to expect and have instructions to follow on the day of the exam. A practice exam is also highly recommended.

    Respondus provides sample wording that you may want to consider adding to your course syllabus. Please see the section on Information to add to your syllabus.

  • Can I create a practice exam?

    Yes, an ungraded or low-stakes practice exam is highly recommended so students can complete first time setup and are comfortable using the technology prior to the high-stakes exam.

    It is recommended that the practice exam be available during the duration of the course with unlimited attempts so students are able to check their setup from various devices when necessary.

  • What is recorded during the exam?

    During the exam, the student’s webcam and microphone will be recorded.

  • How long are exam recordings kept?

    Recordings are kept for 5 years.

  • How are flags determined?

    The Review Priority value is derived from three sources:

    • the student’s webcam
    • the computing device and network used for the assessment
    • the student’s interaction with the assessment

    The webcam video is analyzed using facial detection technology, which is how flagged events like "Missing from Frame" and "Different person in frame" are generated. Facial detection/recognition is an important part of the data analysis that occurs.

    Data from the computing device and network will generate events such as video interruptions, auto-restarts of a webcam session, mouse/trackpad/keyboard/touch usage, attempts to switch applications, and so forth.

    Data is also obtained from the student's interaction with the assessment, such as when the exam session starts and ends, when answers are saved, if the student exited the exam early, and so forth.

    The data is then analyzed at two levels. It is first compared to baseline data for all videos analyzed by the Respondus Monitor system. It is then compared to data from other test takers of the same examination. Finally, weights and other adjustments are made to the data, from which the Review Priority value is generated.

  • Can students use notes, books, or other resources?

    Yes. Provide instruction on the permitted resources in the exam setup instructions. If you are allowing off-screen resources, you may want to disable the facial detection warning so students are distracted during the exam.

  • When can I review the exam videos?

    Due to the advanced video analytics for automated flagging, the system takes time to process the video data. The typical turnaround time is 4-8 hours, but could take up to 12 hours or longer in high demand times.

  • Does Monitor work with face masks?

    Yes, but the face recognition may be affected and result in higher priority video flags.

Need Assistance?

If you need assistance or have questions about setting up Respondus Monitor, please contact the IT Help Center at

If you experience an error or technical issue with Respondus, please contact Respondus support or use the Need Help? button in the Respondus dashboard.