Synchronous Instruction

New technology being installed across campus will allow for synchronous instruction for Fall 2020 and beyond. Each faculty member will receive their own wireless Rode microphone for the Fall 2020 semester. You’ll need to bring your microphone set with you to each classroom. Please remember to charge the micorphone set regularly. Batteries last up to 8 hours.

Owl Camera Classroom

The Owl is an in-room, web conferencing camera that provides a panoramic view of the room and displays up to three active speaker panels. The Owl has the ability to show more than one person in the room when multiple people are engaged in conversation. When utilized with Zoom the meeting host still has the ability to engage participants with all of Zooms interactive features including screen sharing, whiteboard, etc."

The video below demonstrates the seven easy steps to start your synchronous instruction in an Owl Camera Classroom.

Owl Camera Classroom Video Demonstration

Printable written instructions for the Owl Camera Classroom are also availble. All Zoom functions will otherwise work as normal. Documentation for Zoom is available in the Learning Technology Solutions Center and Zoom Support webpage.